ICCFS Home Page

ICCFS Mission Statement

... to provide opportunities for training members to become character-driven communicators and leaders with excellent analytical and oratorical skills in order to impact culture.

This is accomplished by:

  • implementing and maintaining a safe practice environment for chapter members from all educational backgrounds.
  • designing events which correlate to the YSG training to provide additional coaching and practice before presentations are taken into the community.
  • creating practice opportunities for real-world skills.
  • providing motivation through a competitive structure which ties recognition and rewards to the YSG program.
  • creating a mentoring community to further the development of communication, leadership, and character.

Training you can expect to find:

ICCFS Participation Verification

  • provides documentation for school or work
  • provides an overview of educational objectives

What you can see at a tournament:

Tournament Highlights - Virginia

Visit these other pages for more complete information:

Speech Events

  • event overview and correlation to the Young Speakers Guild Training

Round Table Exercise

  • the most recent information about our consensus building and problem solving exercise

Invitations and Awards

  • speakers invited to the International Tournament, the Accept/Decline form and a list of Young Speakers Guild Award Winners

General Tournament Helps

  • general script submission definitions and Q&A

ICCFS Locations - coming soon!

  • information specific to each tournament location: registration confirmation, deadlines, tournament address, links to forms and contact information

Tournament Information

  • helpful information about fees, registration, changes, policies

Community Evaluator Sign Up

  • details for community members who are volunteering to watch presentations and give written feedback to our students as they hone their leadership and communication skills